About the conference

The conference is organized as a part of Strategy of Czech Academy of Sciences AV21: “Foods for the Future”. This unique international conference is planned as a small event promoting discussions, networking and transfer of knowledge to a new generation of scientists. It is intended as a friendly meeting of colleagues working in immunology, microbiology, food research and related fields. Apart from the lectures covering several major links between the immune system, food and microbiota, you can look forward to a poster session, panel discussions and informal social events to facilitate the transfer of scientific ideas.
Registration is now closed.

Winners of EFIS-EJI bursary awarded to students for best abstract are:

Tomáš Brabec

Martin Mihula

Janet Ježková

Tereza Švábová

Nora Geissler

Eva Trčková

Katarzyna Pacyga-Prus

Congratulation! The prizes will be handed over during the last session of the conference (Thursday, June 9, 11:45 – 12:10).

Winners of the best poster award, supported by Homunkulus endowment fund and Czech immunological society are:

Shunya Hatai

Leona Kejzlarová

Anna Schmid

Melissa Haunstetter

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Methodological aspirations and challenges
Microbiota - its ecology and development
Microbiota-derived biologically active factors
Gut physiology and mechanisms of host-microbe interactions
Therapeutic manipulation of microbiota
Host-microbe relationships (probiotics, commensals, pathobionts and pathogens)
Microbiota and the nervous system
Mucosal immunity and tolerance
Innate immunity and inflammation
Food, microbiota and inflammatory diseases
Food, microbiota and cancer
Functional foods and interactions between diet, microbiota and immunity

Confirmed speakers:

Basic, Marijana (Hannover, Germany)

Bel, Shai (Safed, Israel)

Blottière, Hervé (Nantes, France)

Bosch, Thomas (Kiel, Germany)

Brugman, Sylvia (Wageningen, Netherlands)

Czerkinsky, Cecil (Valbonne, France)

Dieleman, Leo (Edmonton, Canada)

Drastich, Pavel (Prague, Czech Republic)

Filipp, Dominik (Prague, Czech Republic)

Górska, Sabina (Wroclaw, Poland)

Hansen, Axel Kornerup (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hrdý, Jiří (Prague, Czech Republic)

Jirásková Zakostelská, Zuzana (Prague, Czech Republic)

Kobayashi, Koichi S. (Sapporo, Japan)

Kopečný, Jan (Prague, Czech Republic)

Koren, Omry (Safed, Israel)

Kostovčíková, Klára (Prague, Czech Republic)

Kverka, Miloslav (Prague, Czech Republic)

Městecký, Jiří (Birmingham, USA)

Moro, Kazuyo (Osaka, Japan)

O'Farrelly, Cliona (Dublin, Ireland)

Powrie, Fiona (Oxford, UK)

Procházková, Petra (Prague, Czech republic)

Savidge, Tor (Houston, USA)

Schabussova, Irma (Vienna, Austria)

Schwarzer, Martin (Nový Hrádek, Czech Republic)

Trinchieri, Giorgio (Bethesda, USA)

Uhlig, Holm (Oxford, UK)

Vannucci, Luca (Prague, Czech Republic)

Wiedermann, Ursula (Vienna, Austria)